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Breathe Move Chant

 @LoveLight Festival

Join Felicia in an extended musical yogic experience, featuring revitalizing movement, breath work and mantra to inspire wellness. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with live music and the invitation to chant.


This class is a multi-dimensional and enjoyable all level experience.

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The Magic of Intention

 Cultivate self love, self knowledge and presence to beam your divine self forward.  Lucinda and Felicia will guide our circle both individually and collectively.  Together we will facilitate you to clarify the inner landscape. Blossom your gifts forward.  Cultivate self awareness with compassion.  Be ready to move forth with confidence and support.

The Noble Leader

Establish a framework for self-care practice.  Felicia integrates Eastern philosophy and Western research to offer daily practices for the busy professional to gain vitality and ease.    

Leave with a comprehensive personal development plan for your benefit and an effective toolbox to begin right away. Take care of yourself and naturally create healthier living. Felicia offers a lens into transformation through the recognition that professional transformation can only be sustainable from the inside out.  Envision a system of self care that expands into the workplace and beyond.

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